9 Sustainable Bamboo Products

Bamboo is Great

Bamboo is a natural, eco-friendly, sustainable material.  It can be used to make many things, from bowls, watches, and utensils to sustainable bamboo toilet paper and drinking straws.

Sustainable Bamboo Forest

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and it’s toughness allows it to grow organically all over the world. Furthermore, growing bamboo is remarkably low impact for many reasons. It takes less room, grows faster, and requires less replanting, fertilizer, and water than trees.

Not only can it be harvested and regrown quickly, but sustainable bamboo forests also produce more oxygen than traditional woods. 

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the bamboo fence.

With over one thousand varieties, it can be found growing on every continent except Antarctica!  Interestingly, bamboos are the only species of grass able to diversify into a full forest ecosystem.

Also, the larger species such as the Moso bamboo can be so large they’re often treated as timber. Whereas, the smaller bamboo is typically cultivated as ornamental plants and found in an array of colors and sizes.


There are enough cheap, generic plastic shades out there polluting our oceans. Maybe it’s time for something sustainable, something eco-friendly and beautiful from start to finish.

WearPanda had this idea in 2012 and the people agreed, to the point that they met their Kickstarter goal in 3 days! Because of this,  2,500 days later the idea of sustainable eyewear has taken root and grown like bamboo!

Monroe Bamboo Sunglasses

Monroe Bamboo Sunglasses  
Monroe Sustainable Bamboo Sunglasses

The Monroe is one of Panda’s most popular bamboo frame sunglasses. These eco-friendly sunglasses are a timeless accessory. Additionally, they come in a microfiber pouch with a free bamboo case.

Bamboo is naturally lightweight, strong, and antibacterial, ideal for something that rests on your face all day.

Monroe Bamboo Sunglasses

Made with FSC certified sustainable bamboo and 100% polarized lenses, the frames are available in natural, honey, brown, and black finishes.

These frames look great on almost all faces, they offer different lens colors and a lifetime warranty.

Even so, Panda does make a lot of other styles to check out too, if these don’t fit your style. 

The Traveler 

This watch is a bold statement of sustainable fashion. Crafted from recycled metals and sustainable bamboo, the Traveler is sure to stand out worldwide.

Even better, to suit your style, it comes in two sizes and ships in a beautiful bamboo case. Plus, they exchanged the standard watch pillow for a small, reusable shopping bag.

Every Traveler watch sold, Panda gives the Gift of Education to someone in need through their partnership with Pencils of Promise. PoP creates schools, programs, and global communities around the common goal of education for all.  With this, Panda is building schools and changing lives, one watch at a time.

 The Traveler Bamboo Watch
The Traveler Sustainable Bamboo Watch

While this Traveler watch is splash resistant, like any luxury watch, Panda recommends that you do not shower or swim with the watch. 

They do offer a couple of different styles of watches, one with recycled cork from vineyards too.

The Panda mission is all about sustainability, which starts with the materials they use. Not only do Panda’s sustainable bamboo products offer superior style, but they’re also better for the environment at both the beginning and end of their lifecycle.

Learn more about Panda Sunglasses and Watches

Reel Paper – Bamboo Toilet Paper

Reel is more than just a paper company. They are a team of like-minded, big-hearted individuals who have a distinct vision for the future.

Reel Paper - Bamboo Toilet Paper
Reel Paper – Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Paper

The Reel focus is shaped by the challenges we are facing here in the U.S. and around the world. Challenges like climate change, deforestation, plastic waste, and an overall need for us all to take better care of the planet and each other.

How Reel set out to make a difference.

Reel manufactures 100% bamboo toilet paper, making it the most sustainable, eco-friendly toilet paper on the market. Plus, all of their shipping materials are biodegradable and they use plastic-free packaging.

Reel Paper’s Co-founder and CEO, Livio Bisterzo, is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for healthy living, consumer products, relationships, leadership, and team-building. Since 2003, Livio has built businesses from the ground up, always with people in mind.

Reel Paper - Bamboo Toilet Paper
Reel Paper – Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Paper

Learning about conditions in which individuals were forced to use the bathroom next to standing water and where kids were playing outside moved Livio to build a company that would promote health, sanitation, safety, and well being for people and the planet.

First hand experience with the issue.

Reel Paper co-founder and CMO, Derin Oyekan, grew up in Lagos, Nigeria.

Since childhood, Derin has had a fascination with how things work and how to make them work better. And over the years, Derin supported numerous start-up companies that shared his passion for innovation and improving others’ lives.  

Reel Paper - Bamboo Toilet Paper
Reel Paper – Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Paper

Consequently, by purchasing Reel, you are supporting their mission to provide access to clean toilets to those in need around the world while also giving American households a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Do Good. Feel Good.

Learn more about REEL here

Rainforest Bowls – Bamboo Straws

Rainforest Bowls strives to seek the balance between sustainability and functionality in every one of their products. Therefore, from the Coconut Bowls to Bamboo Straws and Wooden Utensils, all their products are handcrafted from 100% natural materials that are sustainably sourced in Vietnam.

Rainforest Bowls - Bamboo Straws
Rainforest Bowls – Bamboo Straws

With this, they want to help you continue on your journey toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle. And this variety pack is made from sustainable bamboo, a far better alternative to plastic.

Given that you are here, you probably know that plastic straws have been causing irreparable damage to the environment, unlike bamboo straws.

Start small, start today

Admittedly, straws are only a small part of the bigger problem but by starting small, you can carry the changes into the rest of your life.

Rainforest Bowls - Bamboo Straws
Rainforest Bowls – Bamboo Straws

In fact, bamboo straws are reusable, compostable, and biodegradable. So there won’t be any harm done to the environment if these straws have to be discarded.

This variety pack comes with four bamboo straws of different sizes: two regular and two boba straws.

First, the regular bamboo straw is ideal for sipping freshly squeezed juice, smoothies, and frappes.

And second, for a smooth milk tea drinking experience, the boba straw has a hole size that’s wide enough for tapioca pearls.

Other sustainable Rainforest Bowls Products

To match the straws, Rainforest Bowls’ handcrafters also carve some amazing bowls and cutlery out of sustainable bamboo wood and coconut shells.

Rainforest Bowls – Coconut Bowls and Utensils

They also offer a variety of wooden spoons, forks, knives, and bamboo straws to give your home that tropical, clean, and plastic free feel every day.  

Learn more about Rainforest Bowls

The ECOMELET Bamboo Toothbrush

In the search of things that we can reduce, is a plastic stick that we throw away every 2 or 3 months. Sure, I keep them longer to scrub shoes and for cleaning, but eventually I throw them away.

This bamboo toothbrush handle and bristles are made from 100% biodegradable material which makes it a perfect eco-friendly product. It seems like a no brainer. 

ECOMELET Bamboo Toothbrush
ECOMELET Bamboo Toothbrush

This company, Ecomelet, was set up to pass on information to more people about the huge harm caused by plastic convenience and to search every small action of various countries and individuals to protect the environment.

Through the value of this environmental information, they hope to encourage more and more people to use environmentally friendly products and challenge sustainable life.

Always a sacrifice to make progress with any goal

The brand name of “Ecomelet” is a combination of “Eco” and “Omelet”. The word “Eco” has a wide meaning, but the main purpose is “eco-friendly”, and the hope that we will strive for an eco-friendly and sustainable life. “Omelet” comes from the proverb “Omelets are not made without breaking of eggs”

This means that if you need to get something important, you must sacrifice and lose something. So “Ecomelet” means that we can all say goodbye to the convenient life of the plastic present, to challenge and open up a new green eco-friendly present.

Every little helps, our precious planet needs everyone’s sharing and efforts to encourage more people to join in creating zero waste, zero plastic, and environmentally friendly life.

ECOMELET Bamboo Toothbrush 
ECOMELET Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo is environmentally friendly and also is really durable and strong. This makes it the perfect material for a toothbrush. It is long-lasting if you care about it properly, they recommend keeping the toothbrush in a dry place when not in use. After all, it is biodegradable!

Learn more about Ecomelet Bamboo Toothbrush


Made from sustainable bamboo, these sunglasses are lightweight, strong, and have a cool wood grain appearance.


Tree Tribe’s sunglasses have polarized lenses and stainless steel flexible hinges. Also, the flex hinges easily hyper-extend for a comfortable fit.

Great for boating and pool days

Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens - Sunglasses

These glasses float in water! Because they’re made from organic bamboo, you can drop them in the lake and they float right on the surface.

A thin layer of waterproofing ensures they don’t easily warp or rot. And the polarized lenses prevent glare and haze for a clear view. 

Tree Tribe plants a tree for each purchase

Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens - Sunglasses

These eco-friendly bamboo sunglasses help you be a  part of the solution to the plastic problem. In addition, Tree Tribe supports organizations that plant trees around the world.

For every product they sell, they donate one tree to be planted. Why trees? Because trees are awesome!

Trees produce food and oxygen, revitalize the soil, clean the environment, provide homes for wildlife, and boost the overall health of the planet. Furthermore, on a local level, trees provide food, shelter, and economy to communities around the world.

Learn more about Tree Tribe Sunglasses

Ash and Rose – Travel Bamboo Utensil Set

Ash and Rose - Travel Bamboo Utensil Set
Ash and Rose – Travel Bamboo Utensil Set

This all-natural, eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo cutlery set including a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, and a straw with a cleaner brush.

The kit rolls up nicely in its fabric pouch and is secured with metal snap fasteners. So it’s the perfect size to keep in your car, purse, backpack, or lunchbox!

Family owned and female focused

Approximately 80% of workers in apparel manufacturing are female. Ash and Rose is a women-owned business, so they feel it’s imperative to empower workers with fair wages and safe conditions.

Ash and Rose - Travel Bamboo Utensil Set
Ash and Rose – Travel Bamboo Utensil Set

Nea and Mary, the mother-daughter team behind Ash & Rose, also care deeply about empowering customers to make informed decisions about how you shop, and choose products with values that align with your own.

Learn more about Ash and Rose Bamboo Cutlery

Itemerie – Hand made Bamboo Salad Bowl

This is a gorgeous, traditional Asian style bamboo bowl handcrafted by artisans in Vietnam. It’s great for displaying fruit or holding a salad at your next dinner party.

Itemerie - Handmade Bamboo Salad Bowl
Itemerie – Handmade Bamboo Salad Bowl

These sustainable bamboo products can withstand up to 158℉ (70℃), so rest easy if you’d like to put hot food in it as well. Even so, please hand wash and do not use in the microwave or dishwasher.

Made from 100% natural and sustainable bamboo materials, handmade in Vietnam where the bamboo forests grow. Food safe lacquers and varnishes are always used, made from cashew tree resin, water, and marble powder, and eggshell.

Beautifully crafted, the finish on the outside is actually duck eggshells, lacquered on over a dark background.  Vietnamese artisans have passed down their techniques for spinning bamboo and creating gorgeous, ecological products for generations. 

Unfortunately, there is also a lot of poverty and child labor in Vietnam.

The company’s founder left Vietnam at 13 years old after having begun working in the fields at the age of 8. Later, with her husband, they decided to create a fair trade company that values the painstaking handicrafts of the Vietnamese artisans while being dedicated to providing them with a better future. 

Planning for the next generation 

Prices are set by craftsmen and the company provides them with health insurance. And child labor is not allowed on the products for this company and every artisan must bring their kids to school.

Itemerie - Handmade Bamboo Salad Bowl
Itemerie – Handmade Bamboo Salad Bowl

Finally, any natural materials used must be replanted and CO2 emissions must be limited as much as possible. Buying one of the bowls is about buying more than just an ecological product, it’s also about helping people lead better lives.

As you know, every little bit helps, our precious planet needs everyone’s sharing and efforts to encourage more people to join in creating zero waste, zero plastic, and environmentally friendly life.

Learn more about Itemerie – Handmade Bamboo Salad Bowl

Written by Jay Weaver, published 12/21/2020

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