Recycled furniture from discarded plastic products

noho move™ ECONYL® chair

Meet a chair that brings a new kind of comfort to everyday life with its unique versatility. With a dynamic, earth-friendly design this chair enriches your home, your well-being, and our planet.

Made from reclaimed materials including ECONYL™ (Nylon 6 from reclaimed fishing nets and end of life carpet), and recycled post-industrial polypropylene.‎

Born in Aotearoa, New Zealand, noho is a company with deep roots. They also have a deep respect for the natural beauty and cultural values of their home. Their name is from the language of the indigenous Māori, noho means to sit, stay, dwell, live.

It embodies a fundamental belief in kinship and connection between humans and the natural world (kaitiakitanga).

Their values are reflected in every detail of the products. From the start, they came from the innovative designs created by the sister company, Formway. And now, they continue to combine new insights into human physiology with deep expertise in ergonomic and sustainable design.

Manufactured in New Zealand, all the recycled furniture is ensured to be sustainabile. Also, production is powered with 82 percent renewable energy.

The noho move™ chair’s patented auxetic mesh seat provides 4-way flex and form-fitting support that cradles your body to support your every move and posture.‎

Its unique blend of recline-flex, rock, and forward-tilt actually encourages movement, so you can freely shift, lean in, or kickback.‎

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, by Formway.‎com, designers of world-leading performance seating like Generation by Knoll, and Natuzzi Revive.‎

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Plastic Whale Boardroom Table and Chairs

Plastic Whale is a company in Amsterdam that builds boats from recycled plastic picked from their canals. But their goal isn’t to build boats or recycled furniture from plastic, they go “old fashioned plastic fishing” and overfishing is the goal.

Their mission is to create community and awareness of the plastic problem that we face today. Their electric powered, recycled plastic boats take tourists, locals, and business parties on fishing trips to clean the canals and see some of the beautiful parts of the city.

In a meeting, planning for the future of Plastic Whale, they came up with the idea to make a new conference table, and this is the beautiful design that they now make.

Inspiration for the top of the boardroom table is a surfacing whale, with its distinctive blowhole and gracious lines. It is made from layers of recycled PET felt, recycled PET foam, and FSC birch wood.

While the surface is exquisitely finished using PET felt that has been heated and pressed to give it a luxurious look-&-feel.

The table’s legs, which in their design recall a whale’s imposing skeleton, are made of robust PEFC oak.

Kim Ha-neul – Uiwang, South Korea

South Korean furniture design student Kim Ha-neul has come up with an eco-friendly solution, melting single-use polypropylene masks to make stools he calls “Stack and Stack”.

In June, Kim set up a mask collection box at his school, the Kaywon University of Art and Design in Uiwang city, south of Seoul.“Plastic is recyclable, so why don’t we recycle face masks, which are made of plastic?” the 23-year-old said. He has collected more than 10,000 used masks and has received more than a ton of defective ones from a factory.

Kim keeps them in storage for at least four days to lessen the risk of coronavirus transmission. Then, removing elastic bands and wires, he uses a heat gun over the masks in a mould, melting them down at temperatures over 300 degrees Celsius (570 degrees Fahrenheit).

Kim’s graduation exhibition was the three-legged stools 45cm (18 inches) recycled from white, pink, blue, and black masks.

He plans to make other furniture pieces from the recycled masks such as a chair, table or some lights. He is also urging the government and private companies to recycle face masks by setting up a separate box for their collection.

Though the stools are not yet for sale, fellow students were impressed by the idea and rough-surfaced design.

Abba Patio Recycled Furniture

The Abba Patio offers many different outdoor furniture options, but this simple end table and their plastic garden border caught my eye. The End Table is made of composite wood plastic, which is recycled and processed from abandoned empty bottles, plastic bottles, and plastic garbage.

Using recycled plastic to make outdoor tables and furniture are a great way to make use of the single-use plastic that would otherwise be sent to the landfill or burned.

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The steel frame makes the end side table stronger and more stable. The end table adds beauty, style, and functionality to your home, garden, or backyard patio. Ideal for indoors or out, it is lightweight and easy to move, easy to assemble, and can support up to 300lbs.

Also made from sturdy UV-protected plastic, the Decorative Fence Border is designed for handsome durability. It is easy to install by simply pushing it into the ground. By protecting and decorating flower beds, or walkways, your garden looks tidier.

See more of the Garden Decorative Fence

This decorative border has edges that easily attach to make a continuous length. This durable plastic fencing won’t rust like metal or chip like painted wood and is pliant enough to arrange in curves.

We are focused on environmental responsibility through sustainable solutions. Starting as an investing partner and eventually evolving into full ownership, Ice River Springs seamlessly aligns with our vision of a sustainable landscape. Ice River Springs is the only North American water bottling company with a plastics recycling operation, manufacturing recycled P.E.T. into 100% recycled bottles using state-of-the-art equipment.

Together, Ice River Springs and C. R. Plastics have created a circular economy where used plastics can be transformed into beautiful recycled outdoor furniture, ensuring that post-consumer plastics are recycled, reused and repurposed into sustainable products.

From our beginnings as a small family operation, our furniture can now be found in outdoor spaces all over the world. We have experienced massive growth over the past 25 years, and proud to be a vertically-integrated company that manufactures all our products in our 300,000 square foot facility in Stratford, ON, Canada.

As we look to the future, our team is focused on maintaining the synergy between the environment and outdoor furniture, with a core focus on developing new and innovative ways to create sustainable, eco-friendly, beautiful outdoor furniture.


Great design and environmental sustainability can come together to improve our lifestyles and create balance with nature. Simbly offers well-designed, minimalist furniture made of sustainably harvested, FSC certified wood. Manufactured in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, North Carolina, they became the world’s first climate positive furniture company.

Simbly Coffee Table

With deeply held values about protecting the planet and supporting the local economy, Simbly also believes in delivering great products at an attractive value. They developed a direct-to-consumer business model with no hidden wholesale or distributor markups.

Josh Dorfman is an environmental entrepreneur and author and he developed green product standards for other major e-commerce websites. Josh’s first eco-friendly furniture company, Vivavi, was named to Inc. Magazine’s first-ever “Green 50” as a pioneer accelerating the green economy. 

Simbly Dining Table

Building A Climate Positive Company

A few years later, Josh and a local entrepreneur were discussing furniture-making possibilities in Western North Carolina. Josh reached out to Christopher Douglas, an award-winning, multidisciplinary designer.

Like Josh, Christopher also founded a modern sustainable furniture company (Material Furniture) in the mid-2000s. They share the same urgency and passion for timeless, well-designed, eco-friendly furniture.

They created a plan to build several Knock-Down Drag-Out products as the foundation for a new furniture company.

The result is Simbly.

Simbly Desk / Kitchen Table

Being a sustainable furniture company – that operates in balance with nature – is a great start. But they are striving further to set a new standard. The aim to generate a positive impact on the environment by restoring more to nature than they take.

Sustainable Materials and Packaging.

Material selection is crucial to a furniture company’s climate+ credentials. 100% of the wood comes from sustainably managed, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests – the world’s most rigorous certification for sustainable forestry.

Simbly chooses materials and food-safe finishes that avoid toxins. The Appleply hardwood plywood is a premium, formaldehyde-free product that exceeds the air quality standards set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

Simbly Coffee Table


Simbly is striving for 100% recycled content for all packaging, and researching options that would satisfy box stress tests. But for now, products ship in corrugated cardboard, compostable boxes made of 40% – 60% recycled content.

The flat-pack furniture is shipped in boxes nearly 80% smaller than they would be if the items arrived pre-assembled. The result is more fuel-efficient shipping and fewer carbon emissions. Simbly furniture assembles and dis-assembles easily using innovative locking mechanisms discreetly built into the furniture.

Simbly Dining Table


Where they can’t yet further minimize our environmental footprint, Simbly purchases carbon offsets that support ethically and scientifically vetted projects in renewable energy, forest restoration, and energy efficiency. Through the partnership with EcoCart they instantly calculate and offset the carbon emissions at checkout connected to manufacturing and shipping every order.

Simbly is a member of 1% For The Planet, meaning they donate 1% of their revenue to environmental causes. Throughout partnership with One Tree Planted, Simbly plants one tree for every furniture product sold.

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Written by Jay Weaver, published 11/20/2020

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