6 Recycled Ocean Plastic Products

Simply buying less plastic is good, but buying recycled, helps to create a demand. This demand shows the companies where they need to focus their efforts. Even more, it’s great to support the companies making the extra effort to clean up the plastic in the ocean. Buying their products made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean helps the effort and helps to raise awareness of the issues.

The result of our actions become exponential like the butterfly effect. Our small changes today can influence others to also do the right thing for our future and the lives of the next generation.

6 Great, useful products that are made from recycled ocean plastic and eco-friendly sources.

#1 AVRE Women’s Footwear

Upgrade your style with AVRE’s Limitless shoes. While designed for versatility and extreme durability, this seamless shoe compliments and goes with any style.

Made out of REPREVE recycled polyester, woven into their signature 3D stretch material, this textured knit features a sleek slip-on silhouette for the ultimate front to back support. An integrated platform sole allows for a streamlined look. Be ready to conquer your day with these eco-friendly shoes!

The insoles are made with plant-based materials and memory foam to reduce odor and maximize comfort.

AVRE was born out of necessity to transform the industry with the inspiration to pursue a sustainable footwear brand for the empowered woman. And they do exactly that by using recycled plastic bottles to craft trendy and comfy footwear.

Authentic, Versatile, Responsible, and Empowered.

Two sisters, Julie and Connie, created AVRE with the purpose to improve the world for the benefit of future generations.

A 39-year family history in the footwear industry allowed them to witness first-hand the negative influence fashion has on our environment. Also, it is estimated that one-tenth of all plastic that is created every year eventually ends up in one of our oceans.

Therefore, every pair of shoes from their collection keeps 8-10 plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans.

These innovative materials have moisture wicking-properties and provide enhanced flexibility creating more freedom of movement for the ultimate comfort. Also, the 3D Knit-To-Shape technology that they use drastically reduces waste by creating precise sizes and eliminating the creation of scraps.

Each purchase you make means you are making a difference for the environment. It results in us giving back to organizations and that is something we thrive to do.

AVRE is committed to being mindful of all the ways to promote women supporting women and merging that path with an eco-friendly lifestyle.

To them, it’s not about being perfect. Nevertheless, they continue to strive for the ultimate goal of a zero-waste future without compromising design and comfort.

Finally, in an effort to support sustainability, conservation, and women empowerment 10% of their proceeds are donated to Oceana, Girls In Tech, and Equality Now. Oceana, Girls In Tech, and Equality Now.

See more of the Avre Colletion of recycled plastic shoes

#2 Nixon Gamma backpack

useful backpack made from recycled ocean plastic
Nixon Gamma backpack

My backpack is always with me when I go to my boat for the weekend and it is key to staying organized in the cabin. Nixon started by making watches, but they are expanding to backpacks, shirts, and bags now.

This backpack is 600d polyester exterior and 70d polyester interior made from Repreve recycled ocean plastic. Inside, the main compartment has organization pockets and it fits a  15” laptop with external zipper access.

See the Gamma on Amazon

Outside are skate straps, water bottle pocket, zippered stash pocket, and multi-use gear loop. You don’t have to sacrifice good looks or function to make a difference with this Nixon backpack.

#3 Somerside sustainable sand free beach towel

useful towels made from recycled ocean plastic
Somerside sustainable sand free beach towel

I’ve had many different towels, but it seems that the ones that dry my skin well, don’t seem to dry out quickly. But this towel from Somerside, dries you well and is resistant to taking on bad smells when wet.

It also dries out up to 4 times faster than standard towels while still being soft.

Furthermore, in each towel is 8-14 recycled plastic bottles from landfills & oceans so you can feel good while using it. The towel rolls down to the size of a water bottle but still is extra large.

See the Somerside towels on Amazon
Sand free so you can have your fun in the sun without worrying about taking the sand home with you. Also, it has a cool hidden zip pocket for all your valuables, snacks, and essentials. So you can take a swim with less worry- it’s well hidden.

Included is even a hanging loop so you can put it on a hook.

So like Somerside says, “it’s not just a towel.”

#4 Costa Del Mar Baffin Rectangular Sunglasses

useful sunglasses made from recycled ocean plastic
useful sunglasses made from recycled ocean plastic
Costa Del Mar Baffin Rectangular Sunglasses

Everyone has a few pairs of sunglasses, but I think these will be the ones that you will use the most.

These polarized sunglasses are made from 100% recycled fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles in the USA Made with ultra scratch-resistant lenses that provide 100% UV protection.

Costa has a history of being on the water where the sun is harsh on your eyes, and their original focus was on fishing. Gradually other people caught on to the quality of Costas, and now they make styles for all situations.

If your Baffins have a defect in materials or workmanship, Costa will fix or replace them to get you back on the water. I also made a list of other sustainable sunglasses here.

See the Costas on Amazon

#5 Sperry Striper II CVO BIONIC® Sneaker

I have been wearing Vans for the last few years, but recently I decided to grow up a little and try some Sperrys. The insoles are much more comfortable and overall seem more well-made.

Since then, I found that Sperry is making a line of their shoes with the fabric they call BIONIC material made from recycled plastic bottles. In keeping with their nautical mindset, they created this spinnaker sail-inspired design to make a bold statement no matter where you go.

Underneath is a non-marking flexible rubber outsole with molded Wave-Siping™ provides the ultimate no-slip traction. When I wear out my current Sperrys, these will be my first choice.

See the Sperrys on Amazon

#6 Outerknown Apex Trunks

Always need good board shorts, in the summer when I’m not working, I almost live in board shorts. I’ve had some that didn’t have stretch, and after having a good pair, the extra money is totally worth it.

useful board shorts made from recycled ocean plastic
Outerknown Apex Trunks

These are developed and tested by 11x World Champion Surfer Kelly Slater on the best waves around the world. This is the most high-performance trunk out there. Outerknown makes them with ultralight 4-way stretch recycled polyester for maximum mobility. And they are made from 86% recycled fishing nets.

The laser-cut details at the side seam and back pocket offer weightless drainage and ventilation. Bonded back pocket features an Aquaguard™ zipper and internal bungee key loop and packs easily into its back pocket.

You don’t need to be a surfer to appreciate the quality of these. 

See the Board Shorts on Amazon

#7 United By Blue Men’s Beanie

useful beanie hat made from recycled ocean plastic

I am not a Viking, although I grew up liking winter now I like to stay in warmer climates if I can. I do not stay warm easily so I have lots of beanies on hand. This one is 100% recycled plastic bottles, classic fit with ribbed knit cuff.

One size fits all for every beanie sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways. It’s good to see these more common products being made with recycled material. 

United by Blue is a Certified B Corp company meaning they have had a third party investigate and confirm their sustainability and ethical business practices. To learn more about it, check out this article on B Corp,

See the Beanie on Amazon

#8 Day Owl – Genusee Glasses

Remember all the news about the water situation in Flint Michigan? In 2014 – 2019 there was public health crisis as water contaminated with lead and possibly Legionella bacteria was being supplied to the homes and businesses. In a money-saving plan, they began to pull water for the town from the local river instead of from Detroit as they had done for years. The water in the river was corrosive and wasn’t treated properly, eating away at old pipes and releasing more chemicals into the drinking water.

They have replaced many pipes and done lots of testing and they say the water is clean to drink now. But the impact was big and for some, the effects will last a lifetime. Day Owl strives to provide solutions and jobs for people affected by tragedies, preventable, or natural.

So these sustainable glasses frames are made in Flint, Michigan from 100% post-consumer recycled (rPET) water bottles. Therefore, every purchase upcycles 15 single-use water bottles and creates jobs for returning citizens in Flint.

This signature frame in Classic Black or Clear is designed to fit a range of face shapes and sizes. The unisex frame with Dark Grey sun lenses features a slightly oversized round shape with a keyhole bridge and riveted hinges.

Day Owl – Genusee Glasses

See more of the Day Owl sunglasses

10 Years in the making

Day Owl began as a response to the destruction of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. From seeing the waste and the need for jobs, Ian decided to create a use for the plastic and jobs for the locals.

Years later, creating a collective with Timberland called First Mile, they made their first products. And the collective has since grown because other big names like Arie, Adidas, Puma, HP, Ralph Lauren, Marmot, and Reebok saw the advantage of working together.

Together we can do more good

Day Owl has seen that more and more, customers are demanding that the products they buy, are more sustainably sourced and made.

Day Owl also makes durable backpacks and bags made of recycled bottles. Even better, is their Free Repairs for Life. Because Sustainability. Day Owl is also a certified B Corp company, Save 25% off when you use the Day Owl discount code code “AFTERPAYDAY” 3/25/21 through 3/28/21.

Written by Jay Weaver, published 11/15/2020

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