Sustainability News Stories

Sustainability News Stories

If you have ever moved to a different house, its interesting how things that become unimportant. For example, the plastic toy that came with a happy meal. Or the old plastic shower curtain. And the plastic hangers that don’t match your other ones.

So they are quickly get thrown away and never thought of again. And then they sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. As I consider sustainability news stories and the issue of the throw away society, I think back to a few generations before us, maybe back to the 1850s. 

It was a much more difficult life, but it was the start of when information was being shared much more rapidly than ever. Although it was still only the speed of a horse on land, but ocean travel was becoming something that was more established and capable.

And the materials of construction were wood, cotton and iron. Looking at the tools they used, are mostly are rotted away with only the rusty steel parts leftover. There was also more of an attitude of repairing broken things because it was harder to make a new tool. So it was a more sustainable way of life.

Plastic waste discarded at sea washed up by trade winds

We have grown away from sustainable

But today and the tools just for household use, with “unbreakable” glass reinforced nylon handles. And that tool, left out in the weather for 150 years, will be covered in moss and dirt, and the color will be faded, but it will be the same chunk of plastic.

But its not all bad news, there are many people working to make a difference. So these are some of the good sustainability news stories I enjoyed researching.

Written by Jay Weaver, published 11/19/2020

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